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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Loy krathong 2010 [Wat Rajaphohong]

pee-kaa- boo! say hello to my Thai cousin's daughter
and she is bringing all that SEXY back :)

Pictures on last year loy krathong, note: i wasn't there since am catching important final paper

one of the common krathong shape and its like a lotus

This year Loy krathong festival and its proven that my bad camera could not capture a proper night scene

some weird camera effect which turns out to be pretty cool thing aiyte?

other material that is been use to create a marvelous krathongs like these.

Loy krathong is celebrated on 12th month of the Thai lunar calender to start off a new life when the krathong is let to be float on the river. Krathong is referred to a traditional way to make the flower using banana trunk and loy carry its meaning for float or floating.It also symbolise all your bad luck, anger, dissopintment to be swap away in the river. Water sort of purify your new you. In those ancient days, this festival is believe to be originated from the northern Thailand region and some said Laos. The reason to celebrate loy krathong is to ask the blessing from the God of water. Some devotee even cut their hair and nail to be placed them on the krathong . Krathongs were made off a section of banana trunk in those days but sadly the Styrofoam had replaced and it is sad because it is not biodegradable. Prehaps the community should start off by bringing back the old krathongs concept where breads and banana trunk were use. Banana leaves and flowers tip-top the amazing krathongs.

Its all happening at Wat Rajaphohong Ara Kuda last weekend when the moon illuminates its shimmering light on the Tun sardon river. The Thai devotee and not to forget others as well who gather for this Loy Krathong festival. Several activities line up to entertain the spectators. Thai boxing also known as the Muay Thai were presentated to the audience, and indeed it was nice to see my cousin muay thai-ing on the stage. Each participant were blind folded and point were given to the participant who get a box and a kick.Anyway it wasn't a real competition as kids were just having some fun on there and it is indeed exciting to see them on stage. Performance such as the thai traditional dance is indeed an enjoying treat to us.

Sunday night arrived, the festival kicked start with traditional music performance and singing the 'Loy, Loy, krathong'. Villagers as well as us, began to dance accordingly to the music.It is also known as the ' Rambung' moves and all of us were enjoying ourselves. Procession starts off and we walked approximately 1km to the river were we lighted our krathongs's candle and incense sticks.

Anyway, am half Thai, am PROUD of where i belong .Am proud to be one of the Thai community and indeed am gonna master Thai languange one day:) hehe.

The Loy Krathong song that is stuck in my head till today

Wan pen duan sip song nam kor nong tem taling
Raow thung lai chai ying sanook gun jing wan loy krathong.

Loy loy krathong, loy loy kratong
Loy krathong gun leaw kor chern nong keaw oog ma rum wong

Rum wong wan loy krathong, rum wong wan loy krathong
Boon ja song hai raouw sook jai
Boon ja song hai raouw sook jai.

The monk

me with two krathongs that my aunt made for us

Dylan : my sarawakian, thai, chinese cousin's son

another thai cousin's daughther, she is cute, aint she?

To those who is interested in this event, experience it yourself next year at the thai buddist temple wat rajaphong where we have interesting line up for u guys next year. Check it out this awesome festival yourself in the month of november. so i;ll c you guys there next year..:)

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