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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant

My First week on April weekend
How should i start this.............
It was a last minute plan thing again
I decided my weekend destination with a coin
Some said it is rather ridiculous and silly to toss a coin
and let it flipped in the air
In the end, i woke up around 30 minutes to 12pm and flipped
a 50 cent coin which help me to decide whether to stay or to go
Having a cranky late morning indeed and i was really confused
Packed my bag like 3 minutes , bathed and off to go,
Driving on a highway road alone can be pretty relaxing
150km drive and am back home sweet home

Certain destination that tempted me to stay

Option 1 Trishal: Darling, follow me to KL*( ezra birthday )and we can go shopping at Wangsa walk
Option 2Cheryl: Babe, wanna follow me back to Malacca, my mum gonna cook for you Portuguese devil curry and we can go jalan jalan at Jongker street
Option 3Anand: Have to drive my sis to parit buntar!
Option 4darling Nidya: busy having dance practises and industrial training talk in UM
Option 5Stay in Kampar and get rot with magee mee and molecular notes
Option 6Drive back to home sweet home and eat home cooked meal

I choose option 6( with the help of the Almighty coin )hahaha

until i discover option 7: KHUN THAI RESTAURANT

It is lunch hour time again when my whole family is at a point where we hunt for food like hunting for a prey.We were absolutely hungry. I asked dad to look for the best hawker food in town and mum suggested thai food. The name,' khun thai' struck my mind as fast as a lightning and i said ' Why dont we try Khun Thai restaurant'

Bro GPS is set, i texted my friend Yi fan for the direction and he said the landmark is Smk Li Hwa . Dad drove while bro gave the direction based on th GPS navigator on his phone. Arrived around 1.30pm and we were just right in time for lunch.No worries about the parking as it is free and the lot is kinda big( a friend of mine said it would be very pack during dinner hour)

In case you guys dont have any idea, Khun Thai stands for khun-a polite name to call a person such as mr or ms, and can be referred as you Thai-means Siamese. Anyway all the food we ordered is form the portion of four people.I double comfirm with the waiter that its a halal Thai concept restaurant.

A must try food in Khun Thai, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ***

Tom yam kung( RM20)

KhunThai village( the ambiance of dinning in a bamboo hut complete the whole tom yam)

sawadeeka( thats me and christopher)

Jalan Jalan cari makan

Mummy looking at the tomyam waiting anxiously for the other food to arrive

Pineapple fried rice( was expecting it to be in a pineapple) too bad it is serve on a naked plate

Mua and my mum

The amazing mouth watering tom yam* definitely one of the best i tasted

Belancan fried rice(RM 8)

One of my favourite: Lumpanan /Pandan chicken * melt my tougue with it RM10

Mango kerabu/Spicy mango: least favourite ,expected it to be more spicy, sour taste but it is rather sweet

Another dish we ordered was the Fried Chinese kai lan with osyter sos and a lil bit of kiam hu( salted fish) -was just normal not that bad and not that good. RM8

Drink was leng teh( herbal cooling tea) RM10 for a jag

Overall, the service is satisfactory, food is well served in 7 minutes. Efficient
Food presentation was moderate but the place is awesome
Definitely will come back and dine in here again

If you guys wonder how to get there,
it is situated at butterworth
Jalan permatang tenggah,13000, Butterworth

Other braches:Petaling Jaya, Kepong and Puchong

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